About Nutrition

„Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”
— Hippocrates, 5th century BC

Nutrition is an absolutely basic activity for us. Metabolism processes enable the supply of energy needed to support our life processes. Along with food, we provide the body with, above all, necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And these, when broken down into prime factors in the digestive system, provide us with the energy we need. However, this is a process that requires energy expenditure…

Getting energy from proteins takes a lot of energy.  Therefore, the balance of profit and loss is not beneficial for our body. However, one needs only to compare the amount of energy obtained from carbohydrates and fats to see that the energy expenditure associated with these processes clearly indicates the benefits of obtaining energy from fats. It is because body can obtain 3.9 kilocalories from 1 gram of carbohydrates whereas 1 gram of fat gives us 9 kilocalories, so over 2 times more! Nowadays, with a standard diet, we provide ourselves more carbohydrates than fats. Thus, unfortunately, the body is forced to obtain energy from carbohydrates. And yet, from the point of view of evolution, man functions much better by drawing energy from fats! In addition, our body is much better off when it obtains the necessary amount of energy from less food – it has simply less food to digest.

We must understand that the basic problem is not, however, what is the source of the energy needed for human functioning, but in what proportions relative to each other we provide the body with protein, fats and carbohydrates. The so-called „golden ratio” between proteins (B), fats (T) and carbohydrates (W) was established in the 1960s by doctor Jan Kwaśniewski. These proportions allow for optimal functioning of the human body, therefore this method of nutrition was called optimal nutrition.

Okey then, but what does osteopathy have to do with nutrition? Well, the simultaneous use of the effects of osteopathy (which restores the free movement of tissues) and proper nutrition (which affects metabolism) helps create the best conditions to restore the proper functioning of the entire organism.

I have been an optimal nutrition adviser since 2015 and I have been practicing this type of nutrition myself since December 2011. You are welcome to make an appointment, during which I will be able to provide much more information on this topic. I will also advise you on what and how much to eat in order to adapt your daily nutrition to your individual needs.

Movement, feeling and food are all a human needs for proper functioning
— Andrew Taylor Still